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Permission to Crosspost

Lost Great Dane/Tacoma, WA area:
Permission to crosspost. Please reply to below contact and not me (I'm only
the messenger).

Lexus is a spayed merle and will be 2 years old the end of March. Lexus is
micro chipped.

Owners are Obie Hickenbottom and Tammy Schreider 253-720-9409 or
253-720-6414. I ( Vickie Clement) will be leaving to CA but can be reached on my cell 909-767-2476 or by
email [email protected] com_ (mailto:[email protected] com) or
[email protected] net_ (mailto:[email protected] net)

She got out of the yard somehow? Her brother Jag was picked up by the Humane
Society and is back home as of Tuesday night.
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