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Hi everyone,
I am glad to be a part of this forum. What an impressive photo section! I am a proud human grandmom to my son's canine son (that's how he describes him if people ask if he has any children - just precious!) His name is Benjamin and the calmest, most laid back toy doggie I have ever been around. He does have a wild side when he flaps and shakes a stuffed Garfield toy around his mouth. What a riot... never get tired of it and when he gets his energy spurts, he runs around the house as if he thinks he is a greyhound in a race. He's like a blur.
Had to brag....
I've had four Yorkies in my life and no babies for the last ten years due to the the hi rise apts I live in for they do not allow dogs. Just found out there are a few apartments on the bottom floor in one of the wings where toy dogs are allowed. I am seriously considering switching apartments when one becomes available. Being around Benjamin since my son and his girlfriend took him home from the "nursery", I fell in love with Chi's. I want one of my own now.
I have a question. I think my user name might be incorrect. I used it as myself, but with Benjamin's pic as the avatar. If approved to change it to his name or a variation of such, please let me know.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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