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Love of My Life

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My little Kahlua loves her Puppy Nylabones. She's obviously an adult; but she likes the ones made for puppies and barely makes a dent into them anyway. She loves carrying them around proudly, haha. It just melts my heart how happy she gets when she has one lol.

(Sorry for the funky looking eyes, forgot to use red-eye flash and the correction tool just looks faaaake.)

Here she is "Sharing" with one of our friends lol. She's okay with it; he's the one who brings us the fresh farm eggs. =D

This is from the last time we visited my parents. She was sprawled out on her back and her tongue was sticking out!

And lastly... my snuggle pictures. <3 Can you tell she's my heart dog?

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Oh you gorgeous thing you!!! :p
Seriously Kat, you're hot! lol
I can definitely see the Russian in you! No wonder we get along peachy! lol
These pics are the best, Kahlua never looked cuter!
By the way, when I read the thread title I thought I'd see pics of your guy...what was I thinking? Of course it's Kahlua! ROFL :lol:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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