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Love this Carrier!

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Oh my gosh...being someone with 5 tattoos on my little saw this and fell in love...

I can't afford it now....but isn;t this sooo cool? :D

It's purple, but I don't care...once I can afford it I am getting little man will go cruisin in style...hehehe

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Very cute! I have never seen one like that before. :)
:D I love those! They are from a company called Petflys ( ) but you can find them cheaper $100 ( :wink: Yep, that's cheaper) on online places like the link above. I'm getting the Skull one for my would be around $200 with the exchange rate and delivery. :D

Armando posted the link of a website where they show all the different designs..the petflys website hasn't been updated with the new designs. :wink:
Those are beautiful I love the pink one :D
omg i love the bag !!!!!! iwant i want it i want it !!! do they come in xxxxxlarge :D to fit three chi's ???

kisses nat
Being the wife of a tattoo artist ( :wink: )---I looooove it too!
shame they dont send to the uk i would of have that :cry:
love it!! i like the red and black skull one even more...i want it!! :D
that's fierce! i love it! it fits my "rockin" personality, with the tattoo's and stuff.
Very cool! 8) That must be a new one, I love my Pet Flys carrier! Princess sports the Paw Princess model, and its perfect for traveling!!!! :wave:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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