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about a week ago i posted about a chihuahua that was at the same puppymill as Hugo and the girls decided she was just to much to take on and was asking 200 for her... well she msged me today and asked me if I could take her for free... after a long discussion with Bradley we have decided with Ava and Hugos vet bills that she would be just to much to take on... Soooo i thought i would ask the greatest chihuahua people that i Know if anyone would like to adopt her?? or know anyone that would???

She is 3 very timid and shy... she is a puppy mill survivor she told me that the vet told her that she has defiantly had one litter of puppies. She has been checked over by a vet.
Im not sure if she has had her shots or not... She just needs someone to love her and show her she can be a normal dog and not need to be afraid of life....

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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