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After being told over and over again how if I didn't correct Pearl's luxating knees soon she would suffer crippling arthritis, I went ahead and scraped together every spare cent I had (just coming off unemployment and had my job only for two months by this time) and did the surgery.

Only now she's actually worse than she was before the operation. Everytime she steps with her rear right foot, the let bows out. Imagine your arm as her leg. Normal walking sees the forarm going back and forth with some slight movement of the elbow to the right...with her the elbow goes out to the right a almost 45 degrees out. But whenever I take her back to the vet (twice now...including the post-op visit that he charged me a full office visit for), they say the bone hasn't slipped from the knee and give her more time to heal. It's been two and a half months. I know it occassionally hurts her too because I've seen her limping on it. She's such a stoic little baby though.

I've no experience with this surgery. Does it sound like everything is ok? Is this just a product of healing? I've been told I become a hypochondriac when it comes to my dogs, and I don't want (can't) afford to chase my tail on this. I'd like to get some feedback before going to another vet and ordering expensive tests.
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