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Luxating Patella

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Hi I'm new and the owner of two wonderful chi's - one girl "Killer" 1 year and a male "Ninja" 6months. Killer was diagnosed with patella luxation and is undergoing surgery today - I've done a lot of research on the web regarding this genetic problem and see that it is a problem that affects small breed dogs. I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with this and/or any advice for aftercare. My vet told me that she would not be able to be around Ninja until she was entirely healed (2 months) and as soon as she is healed she has to go back and have surgery on her other leg. Since this is expensive $3K - I sure would feel better if any of you have had this done and what your results are.

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Sorry, I don't have any experience in this area, I just wanted to wish Killer a swift and uneventful recovery. Let us know how she makes out.
Tucker has Luxating Patellar of both legs. It never caused him any problems until he slipped off my husband's recliner. He had to have surgery on his right knee---three surgeries in one month. UGH! Anyway, it's been 12 weeks since the last surgery and it seems that he's fully recovered.

You don't have to have Patellar Luxation "fixed" if it doesn't cause your pet any problem.

Tucker may never have had any surgery if not for the injury.
Thank you Nabi & Tuckers Mom for replying. I picked her up last nite and she looked so tiny and was so lethargic. I have tried to find out everything I can about this - but still feel overwhelmed. It was my understanding that without the surgery she would eventually become lame and also could have crippling arthritus. The vet has advised me to keep Killer away from any dogs for 2 months - this is most difficult since it means I had to send my other Chi to my boyfriends and will miss him terribly, but feel like Killer would feel abandoned if she had to stay with him. I exercised her leg this morning and she didn't seem to feel any pain I'm hoping to get her used to this so we can get her back to normal as soon as possible, since she is scheduled to have the other leg done in 2 months. Do you have any suggestions to help her recovery period?

Thank you so much for the responses - I read many posts before singing on and was amazed at how nice everyone is here. Chi owners must be very special people.

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Hello Kim and welcome! I have three Chi's, two males and one female. My two year old male (Teddy Bear) has a very mild "luxatting patella" in one knee. It does not bother him. I opted to give him the "Glucosamine" supplement which has helped trmendously! Also, running in the backyard has helped a whole lot. My little Chloe is 17months old and only weighs three pounds. She has jumped off my furniture so many times she has got a "floating kneecap". My Vet is very conservative when it come to this small of a dog. I'm going to start her on the "Glucocamine" also and see what kind of results I have. There is a orthopedic surgeon in Okla City that specializes in "Patella problems". He only charges 1200 dollars for the surgery. Thought that was very reasonable? I live in Okla, so that would be great for me. Will put it off as long as I can tho :)

here is a picture link to my crew...
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Sandra, how much Glucosamine do you give to a Chi? And if it is a small amount, where do you buy it?
Hi Sandra & Cathy - I'm with Cathy on the glucosamine Sandra - where do you get it? I think that would be a great addition to Killer's diet. I think your quote for $1200 is reasonable too and I'll let you know how Killer does in case you decide it would be best for your pet. I can't beleive you have three Chi's - I bet they have a lot of fun. These little dogs are unbeleivablly wonderful! Three pounds at 17 months is really small, Chloe must be really special.

Sandra are your boys more active than Chloe? My Ninja (6 mos) is crazy - he is never still and difficult to hold. I don't mean to imply he doesn't like to be held just that he is always moving and very entertaining, so I'm wondering if it is a sex thing (sort of like husbands not being able to find anything in the fridge)? Killer on the other hand is very calm and loves to be held. I just hate it that she had to have surgery but I bought her from a pet store because I just had to have her (and recently found this board where it seems most people advise against buying pet store pets!) and in the year she has been with me has brought me more joy than I could ever imagine.

Your guys are great, thanks for taking the time to answer my posts and Sandra please let me know about that glucosamine.

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My Vet gave no specific instructions for the recovery period, but we did not let Tucker jump up into our laps and we did not play fetch or tug-of-war with him for about 10 weeks. Also, when we went outside for him to potty we tried to keep Tucker from running and playing---if he started to do so, we would bring him back inside. :)
Cathy and Kim---There are a ton of Glucosamine products out there. I order just about everything from This is a great catalog and the prices are just unbelievable! You can also call the 800 number and order over the phone. I have also seen products at PetsMArt and I saw some the other day at WalMart. The "MaxFlex" has a small dog formula. You give 1/2 tablet daily. The Glucosamine makes a huge difference!! I have a friend who has 6 gorgeous Chi's....they are all extremely tiny like Chloe. Her little "Emily" had a terrible hip problem and after sixmonths on the "Glucosamine" she is just fine! The Vet was very surprised and impressed. My husband used to suffer from Arthritis in his shoulder. He started taking the Glucosamine supplements two years ago, and has absolutely no arthritis! This stuff works! :shock:

Kim--My Bruiser is almost three and he is just a sweetie. However, he does not like being held at all. Teddy loves to be held and Chloe stays on my shoulder almost constantly! She is a "cuddle Bug"! She loves to be rocked like a baby. There is a baby picture on here a few pages back. She was three months old and weighed only 8onces! :) Just click on the link in my last post and you can see their pictures.
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Cathy & Sandra, thanks again for posting. Sandra my VET set me down and gave me directions for at least 15 minutes - he had me terrified that I was going to do something wrong! He said absolutely no holding, no sleeping with me, no contact with other animals, total rest - also no hardwood or tile or vinyl floors. So after I was done crying - I asked him why I couldn't hold her (as that is the one that hurt me worse than the others) and he said because these little dogs always jump out of your arms. I may be silly but I know my dog and she has never jumped out of my arms - she will squirm when she wants down and then I put her down, she is constantly on my lap (I'm always sitting on the floor - came from a large family). Then he told me how to exercise her leg (bicycle movements) and I told him good I would do that when I held her! I'm sure this vet (he is a specialist not my normal vet) has good intentions but who would pay $3K for surgery and then mistreat their dogs? I'm whining I know.

Cathy thank you for the word on the glucosamine - I will get some right away - maybe it will help her other leg that hasn't been operated on yet and make it a little easier for her to get around until then. I also use glucosamine and it has helped me immensely.

Sandra as soon as I figure out to see Bruiser, Chloe & Teddy I will check out their pictures - they sound so cute! You both are great, thanks again for taking your time to post.
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Kim---I know your Vet may sound harsh, but he apparently has your little ones best interest at heart. My Chi's have jumped out of my arms many times, they are just so squirmy sometimes. It is going to be a pain for awhile to follow the Vets instructions. But you can do it! :) Keep us posted on your babies progress.

click on this link to see my Chi pictures...

Sandra - that little black one with the white inside the ears is adorable (well actually they all are) but that one really caught my eye. I know what you mean about the vet and I will do everything he said, as he did say I could hold her as long as I was sitting on the floor. It seems to me that socializing is so important with these wee ones that it would be cruel to not hold her at all for four months (that is how long her total recovery will take). I know my other puppy Ninja (6 mos) is very squirmy (is that a word?) and would never try to hold him if it was recommended not to - but Killer is very calm and adores being held (she never squirms and has never jumped out of my arms) she has her way of letting me know she wants down and I never hold her unless I am paying strict attention to her as I worry I may not notice that she wants down. The Vet really teed me off, which you picked up quite nicely - I just think we know our dogs better than someone who spent 1 day with them and they should take our knowledge into consideration. I realize certain breeds have certain character traits but there are always anomolies. All the techs in his office told me they couldn't bear to leave her in the cage and had been holding her since her surgery - I know they are trained but I figured if it is OK for them to hold her why can't I? I must stop ranting about this. But am interested in hearing what you think.

Your dogs are wonderful, thank you for sending the pictures as I couldn't figure out how to find the other one. You are very kind and I do appreciate your replys.
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I know all about being ticked at Vets. I went to several before I was comfortable. They are like some Dr's, a little on the "intimidating" side. You know your pup better than anyone and it would be impossible not to hold her for 4months! Impossible! Like you said, make sure you are sitting on the floor. Glad you liked the pictures! The black on is Chloe. She is a mess and deffinately the "boss" :) My little guys just get no respect at all!! :lol:

I noticed you live in Cincinatti? My best friend lives there, and we talk on the phone almost everyday! :)

Sandra, That is amazing that your best friend lives here - it is a small world isn't it!

Yes, Chloe is absolutely adorable - I just kept looking at her pictures she is so cute! And poses rather nicely too.

Thanks for letting me vent about the Vet - he is a specialist not her normal Vet who I adore and just treated me like I was not the brightest bulb in box.

Take care,
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