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Luxie on her blankie

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Oh jeez they're a lot bigger than I expected!!! Sorry! How do I fix that?
Awe she is so beautiful..
What a beautiful puppy! I didn't care that the pictures were big, more to look at! :)
Luxie is sooooooooo adorable!
She reminds me a lot of Prada when she was a pup :)
I just want to snuggle with her lol
Her paws are so big and fluffy so cute! The remind me of lucky rabbit feet.
What a little doll! Look at that cute little pink tummy and snow white lovely fur. She's too cute!
I love the coy little face in the first pic. She's such a cute little fluff-ball.
Wow. Luxie is amazing. She's very cute. I really like her color.
She is comfy alright, LOL. Pretty little girl!!
Beautiful baby doll!! I love it when they sleep on their back.
Thanks everyone! She is sooooo cute!!!!! She loves to have her belly rubbed! I feel so lucky to have such a sweet puppy!!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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