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I really feel for you, I've not had a chi, (I've always wanted one) but am very familiar with the insane barking as I had a toy poodle who did that, it looks like they could have an apoplectic fit or a heart attack at any moment and as you say, they look completely bonkers.

She did go to dog training which helped - but the insane barking when she was excited or screaming at someone at the door didn't really start to dissipate until she got older. She was really really bad in the car, in the end we crated her in the back but still needed ear plugs. The neighbour hated her.

As for the weeing, we once had a dog who would jump on the bed and wee, I think she knew we disapproved of carpet watering and thought maybe the bed would be more acceptable. That particular dog was a nightmare to housetrain but she got there in the end (I despaired frequently).

If it were me I'd ignore the resource guarding and If I really wanted something she had I'd put oven gloves on and just calmly take it without saying anything. I would try to ignore the bad as much as possible. You could pop her in a different room when you have visitors?

If it's any consolation the little yapper and I ended up absolutely adoring each other and I was and still am completely devastated that she's gone.

Have you considered getting her a friend? She'd be more confident with back up (my two certainly are).
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