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hey mandi,

i went to the pharmacist but no malaseb around here..... :?
i got something else....ISO- BHETADINE , it's also ant-bacterial, anti-fungal , antimykoticum ...etc.

but when i came home .....i checked her again thoroughly ...;and i found a flea :oops: :oops: i washed her with anti-flea- shampoo and the iso-bethadine...and then frontlined her

paris and cosmo were already protected...but i waited with vienna until she gained some weight...before i would use it on her.

but i was so sure..she didn't have fleas :oops: so i'm sorry guys

so the scooting-mystery is solved,,,,,,she hasn't shuffled her but since :D

kisses nat
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Well thank goodness it was just one flea and you took care of it!

Darn fleas... :x
If the iso-bhetadine is the same as Betadine solution, won't that kind of dye your chi? =)

Malaseb is not over the counter, you need a prescription from your veterinarian. You can usually buy it from the vet as well, so check there first. The only OTC shampoo the same company makes is Hylyt, all the others (Malaseb, Epi-sooth, etc... are prescription medicated shampoos).
yeah :D i was fearing that too has the same colour (red) but when you apply it foams and it comes right of !!

i askes for the malaseb...but they didn't have the name in the system??

but i think from what luv4mygirls described it's almost the same...

description: iso-betadine
antiseptic soap
polyvidon iod 7.5 procent

i think it's a good thing to have !!

kisses nat
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active ingredients in malaseb is:

Miconazole Nitrate 2%
Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2%
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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