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male chi question

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oh k what is going on? my puppy (8months) just tried to hump my 5 year old sister and he's been trying to do this for about a week now. lol is this normal? and how can i stop it ?? :scratch:
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ha ha! no its not funny really! my old chi pip always used to do that to little boys-was quite strange! he did it until we had him neutered. i gues it depends on the dog lillo doesnt do that only to female chi's on heat, but thats understandable! his chi friend jack tried to have his way with lillo but lillo wouldnt let him! i'm sure he'll grow out of it! good luck xx
Jamoka said:
oh k what is going on? my puppy (8months) just tried to hump my 5 year old sister and he's been trying to do this for about a week now. lol is this normal? and how can i stop it ?? :scratch:
Yeah, it's perfectly normal. If he hasn't been neutered yet, then it's REALLY normal... if he has been neutered (I can't remember if he has or hasn't), then you could try some behavior modification with him. Cooper humped his Mr. MooCow until he was neutered, then he humped Mr. MooCow for about a week afterwards. Then, it all stopped, thank goodness.

Ages 6-18 months are the juvenille stage for dogs where they start to assert dominance and, if they're not spayed or neutered, will begin sexual behaviors like humping. Most likely, he's trying to do a little of both with your sister. Have her assist in his training, teaching him to sit, etc... so he views her as a pack leader and not someone he is "above" in the pack.

Also, if he humps your sister, have her lay him down on the ground hold him there until he quits fighting to get up. Just be sure someone else is there with her so neither of them get accidently hurt. That is what a pack leader would do naturally, so that may help her keep him off her leg. :D

Good luck to all of you!
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but you know he listen's to her as a leader, when i had a trainershe was in class with me. we are the main 2 that deal with the dogs.Jamoka isn't neutered yet b/c he's going to be studed. jamoka isn't like most dogs i see that hump everything like a toy.... with these past few days that i've been asking question about him being studd.... here's some ex:

when she is sitting he will up to her and smell between her legs and he only does this to her.

when she bends over to pick something up he'll run from whatever he's doing to come up behind her.

or when he sees her walking by he'll start to hump the sir.
lol i keep try'n not to laugh but it's funny. but when she tells him to stop he does. so i guess it's not as bad as i make it seem it's strange. but you guys say it's oh k then i guess it's oh k thanks!
He's probably trying to mate with her then. :lol:

I'd still try the dominance thing with him; he may be testing her to see if she'll give in since she's young and the weakest when it comes to discipline.

You know how teenagers are. :wink:
Gizmo humps his teddy bear when theirs a lot of people around (he gets excited)

yes, I end up picking him up mid-hump to divert his attention...

Which is why he is getting the "snip snip" done at the end of this month.... :D
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