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Mamita has dry patches

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Hi everyone, I don't post often but read all the time. My little Mamita, who is now six months old, has some dry patches on the tips of her ears and above her nose (face area).

Would I be able to put some sort of cream on her? I'm sure the human lotion and stuff we use won't be good for her but I'm concerned that if I don't moisturize it, it will get worse. It's already flakey.

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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My vet prescribed Omega 3 fatty acid oil for Callie's dry patches. It is an oil that I put on her food once a day. It only takes a few drops. It worked wonders for her. No more dry pathes! I'm sure you can find something like it in a pet store. Good luck! :wave:
Gizmo has dry ear tips...I use Linatone Plus and it has worked great...I mix it in with his food...

His hair is super shiny and thick now..and no more flaky ears or legs... :wave:
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the recommendation.

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