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marking in the house and fighting?

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Ninja has been marking in the house non-stop ever since baby got spayed a few weeks ago he started marking multiple times a day everyday he's been cage bound during the day when i'm at work for 9 hours a day while my family was away he obviously didn't mark while crated I felt so bad but just can not take the marking anymore now everyone is back from vacation so they're trying to not crate him during the day when they're home and trying to keep a close eye on him but he's still getting away with marking I've ordered a belly band for him and it's in the mail on route to my place I cannot wait to get this

also since baby got spayed ninja has been attacking her everyday to every other day full out fighting anyone have any idea why? today he attacked her I pulled him off then immediately he attacked her again.

he did mark in the past but it would go in spurts mostly when baby was in heat then he'd stop but now she is spayed for people who don't know him he's been neutered for almost 4 years now. They have gotten into fights in the past but it would happen maybe once or twice a year not daily.

any advice or idea as to why this is happening is appreciated in advance.
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Because of her being spayed, the smell is enough to set off marking. I noticed the same thing here whenever a female got spayed, the male dogs go on a marking spree. As soon the hormones get back to normal, they would stop. As to him attaching her, that is not normal. Are you sure they are not just playing? When mine get to playing they sound like they are tearing each other apart, but if you stop them, there is no blood or even slobber on any of them, they are just very vocal about their playing.
not just playing he full out jumps on her and attacks her it first starts with them sticking their teeth out at each other and growling and then he pounces her i thought maybe because her hormones are changing shes sending off some sort of unbalance??? i have no idea but today he had her screeching and then when i picked her up her neck was wet and tender she's fine now because i broke it up so quickly both times but i just don't understand why this is happening all of a sudden in the past it's been over a treat or something but recently it seems like she can just walk by and he does it???
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