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Martini is Ground-Bound!

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We JUST got home from his 3rd and final set of puppy shots. I'm so happy for him! He's pretty miserable right now, though. That last one stung pretty bad and he doesn't really feel like walking around.. he plopped down on his pillow when we got home.

How long should I wait before taking him outside? I've heard a week.. the vet said I don't have anything to worry about if I took him outside today, except for him being sore from the injection.

Opinions? Nate? Anyone?

Also, he won't get his rabies vaccine until next month when he turns 18 weeks. He's only 14 weeks old, as of today.
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i think it's best to wait a week especially when they come in contact with other dogs!! :wave:

kisses nat
it's conflicting some say a week others say after the last set right away :wave:
We won't really be looking for other dogs to meet while we're out. I'm a professional pet sitter and some of my clients with smaller dogs have offered to let me socialize my puppy with their dogs. We've only tried it with one client, a 7 year old lhasa apso named Giorgio. They absolutely hit it off, so I'm hopeful that with time, he'll be more accepting of other dogs. I'm also going to enroll him in puppy school very soon, and that should help also.

So if we avoid other dogs, can we go out sooner than a week?
some diseases are ground bound and so contagious the pup don't have to come into contact with a sick dog, so avoiding other dog's isnt' the issue... but like i said some say after the last set of shots it's ok to go out soooner than a week. i limited where chiwi went to the back and front yard, but i didn't take her to the park or put her down at pet stores...... she is fully vaccinated now so ther is no stopping us lol...
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