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Mating Male Chihuahua

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Hey guys i was wondering if someone could help me make up my mind about mating my chihuahua. I wanted to mate him before i got him fixed, and i wouldnt be taking care of the puppies, the owner of the female would. I didnt know if there were some down sides of this though. Can you please let me know? Thanks a lot!
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Afraid I can't be of much help to you - have always had females. Just wanted to say that is a cute pic. Am sure some of the other posters can help.
It's a personal decision, and in terms of the male, it isn't going to do much more than offer him a thrill =) He won't have to pay child support or get a second job to take care of the kids even! Here's my serious opinion though:

My personal belief is that if you don't have a good reason other than "opportunistic breeding", then you should spay or neuter your animal. There is nothing "wrong" with breeding if it's done responsibly, and the animals are cared for and have guaranteed forever homes when all is said and done. What you can do as an owner of the potential stud is talk to the female's owner and make sure that they have good intentions and they can be responsible through the whole process of pregnancy, labor, and making sure the dogs go to good homes.

However, for me, I don't see a need for my dogs to have puppies, and having them fixed helps with other health and behavioral issues, and I know that they can't add to the problem of pet overpopulation. For others, they make a living responsibly breeding dogs and help all of us owners find the perfect dog. There are plenty of dogs already out there looking for good homes, so adding to the numbers "just because" raises a red flag for me. Hope this helps you with your decision!

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as usual ...... :D

That pic is just suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupersweet !!!!!!

kisses nat
Thanks a lot for your opinion! :)
i know this has nothing to do with the post, but WHERE can I get my little guy a sweatshirt like that!!!
I got it at a dog show, but they also have a website you should be able to find it there.
If a male dog has been used for stud, even if he's later neutured you still may have opened the door to having him "mark". Once a male dog starts marking its an instinctive behaviour and often unbreakable. He may end up wearing belly bands to save your house, furniture and carpets. If thats not enough of an incentive to not use him for stud I don't know what is. Also, the bitch he is mated with should have testing for venerial diseases (dogs get STD's too!), and also it is usually the responsiblity of the male dogs owner to ensure the mating takes place. Since he is inexperienced he may need help to stay in position and form a lock on the female. She also may be super nasty and can potentially harm him if she is not receptive to his advances.. Unless one is planning on developing a breeding program and showing their dogs, they shouldn't be breeding at all. IMHO.
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