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may i introduce ...... 2chi's babies !!!!

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i'm posting these pics for 2chi's !!!!!

i think they are marvelous :D
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OMG :shock: At first I thought all that fur was a stuffed animal or something.... that dog is HUGE!!! LOL They all look happy!
sorry for the big pics , but they were gigantic :D it could be well my pics looking at that couch !!

i have an identical plaid over mine :D

the babies are super cute !!

kisses nat
Beautiful pics, and the puppy is ultra cute, but they're all lovely. :)
They are all cuties. Welcome BTW...

And Nat that was so nice of you to do that for her. :wave:

A great big THANK YOU to Nathalie for posting these pics for me!!!!!
I really need to figure out how to resize. :oops:

My "huge" dog for those of you who are wondering - He is 95# his coat was shaved for the HOT summer here in Arkansas (he was born and raised in frigid Minnesota), he is Collie/Golden Ret and has a full collie coat. His name is Tanner. Pippy (white chi) and Tanner love to play, Pippy's head will be completely in Tanner's mouth, and he would never bite! He is sooo gentle, and they LOVE him!

I'm sooo glad that everyone can see my k-9kids now!
Great photos, what a marvelous Christmas Card they would make!! :D
oh wow...they all look so tiny compared to that big dog! they're all so cute. :)
Your chi's are maniacs. :lol: And all 4 of your kids are just too beautiful for words. :)

Thanks, Nat. :)
You have a great fur family!! :D I love the pics of your chis playing...they look like best friends!
Awwwww....they are all adorable. They look like they get along great. Aren't Golden Retrievers/Golden mixes just big huge babies, they're always so gentle. Great pics....thanks Nat. and welcome 2chi's.
Awwww i love your babies! I thought at first the big dog was a fur cover on your sofa until i spotted his paw! :lol: He has such a kissable face! :lol:
They are all cuties :lol:
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