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Maybe it is funny but I DONT LIKE IT! :?

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it is about walks again... :?
do (did) your puppies try to approach every single person they see on the street? well, mine does! she runs to every person, starts jumping around, pulling the leash, and showing all the excitement and so on :lol:
it is funny for once, but now I serioulsy start thinking - what am I doing wrong?
she has all our attention at home - she is not lacking it :)
and if people pay attention at her or say "how sweet" - she just won't go anytwhere, I have to pick her up...
what should I do? will she just grow out of it? :?
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thats so funny because zoey does the SAME thing!! i always say that if i was being attacked zoey would attack with kisses.... :lol:

zoey loves EVERYONE. and i see no sign of that stopping... :roll:
:wave: Lola is the same...when we are walking and someone goes by without stopping to fawn over her, she stops dead in her tracks plops her little butt down puts her head back and cries. Thank goodness most people will at least acknowledge her so she isn't crying all of the time.

Colleen13 - Ha ha ha, that is just like Lola....I always say that if someone were to break into my apartment, she would greet them with her "happy-welcome" dance
no Ozzy barks at every person and lily just cowers from them :D and I did well with socialising Ozzy I just dont think hes a people person and lily was hurt from another family before we had her so she petrified of everyone
At least I am not alone then :D
Pupa also has a "happy-welcome-crazy :D dance" - nobody can ignore her :)

i guess it is sweet, I just dont like when people say "oh, what a sweet puppy" and tell their kids to touch Pupa...her nails are still sharp, she can scratch with excitement, or once one woman lifted Pupa up!!!! I was scared she'd drop her - cos Pupa is wiggling so much...boy I was angry at this woman :evil:

Let me hope she'll grow up a bit :D
I think it's sweet! Mine are very friendly when people come to the house but if they see someone out on the street.... :shock:
Bella kinda goes back and forth with this. She likes some people, but then others she will growl and bark at. I guess she picks and chooses who she likes and dislikes. Whats funny though is that even after meeting someone and barking at them like crazy and not going near them, the next time she sees them she loves them. weird :?
Well, Mr. Peepers thinks he has to tell everyone to stay the h*ll away from us, while Buster wants to kiss everyone and their momma! I don't really like that Buster is so friendly because it would be easier for someone to steal him (I know, a little paranoid, you should see me with my daughter :roll: ).
I know it's cute but it's a very bad habit to get into! Not to mention dangerous. What if he does it to another dog or someone who doesn't like dogs? YOU are supposed to be in control, not him! Keep him on a shorter leash and correct him by a quick snap of the leash when he does it.

I know ya'll get tired of hearing this but there are times when you have to remember our babies are dogs, not kids! They need 3 things to be happy... affection, decipline and excercise, the decipline is your/our hardest part. We need to be deligent in this to keep them from becoming those snippy, yappy, ill-mannered dogs so many people think Chis are.
Augie loves people and runs up to everyone too and I am glad he is friendly. The only thing is he won't allow them to pick him up. He starts to back away if they try. :lol:
I wish Mikey loved everyone. he has gotten better when people come in the house (as long as it's not a toddler or a group of people) he's fine. Outside, he is very protective.
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