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measuring chi for clothing?

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I see where the xs clothes on ebay has a girth of 8"? How do you measure this is it from leg to leg in the chest or is it like measuring your on chest with a measuring tape?
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To measure her girth I use a piece of string and wrap it around the biggest part of Lily's chest, just behind her front legs. Then I measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail for her length. Finally, I measure around her neck (I always add an inch or so to allow for her ears). I hope that helps. :)
I measure by weight xxs under 4 pounds 4to6 pounds xsmall 6to 8 pounds is small .When i got my first chi i ran out and got a bunch of xxs and xs clothes none the less he turned out to be allmost 8 pounds he is now 7 months old. So dont go crazy until they are one and stop growing. :wave: :wave:
Seiah wears XS too, but usually it mentions somewhere on the site what they mean and give pics of sizing for your pet.
paris and vienna also still wear XS but its' getting tight :D

kisses nat
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