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Meeru's latest trick: crawl

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Hi everyone, hope all is well. Greetings from not so warm Holland! :) It's been a while since we said hello so just wanted to check out how everybody is doing.

Since we posted a video Meeru has has learned some new tricks. I just wanted to share his latest trick with you: crawl. We find it hilarious to see him crawl like that. Hope you'll enjoy it too.

If we don't log in before the holidays: have a great Christmas with family, friends and all your chihuahuas!

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That is too cute. Would you mind sharing how you teach him? I would love to teach Smeagol to do this trick.
So cute! This is something I have been wanting to teach but there are a lot of different "methods" out there. How did you do it?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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