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Meet Elizabeth Taylor!

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself and my new chihuahua puppy. Her name is Elizabeth Bella Taylor. She will be six weeks old this weekend, and I will be flying to Michigan to pick her up in about two weeks!

You can see more pictures of her at

Thanks, I look forward to lots of fun chatting with you guys!
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Ooh u have a cute baby!!! Too adorable! I bet your going crazy waiting for her. I'm doing the same with my Lex he's only 3 weeks I still got a while! Congrats on ur really really really cute baby!
OMG how cute is she?!! Welcome, to the forum and congrats on getting that sweet li'l girl!! :D :D :wave:
omg she is so adorable!! i like her daddy too :D

welcome :wave:
WELCOME :wave: :wave:

Your baby is beautiful!!
:wave: :wave: Welcome to the board!!! She is absolutely gorgous!!! Where in MI are you getting her from??? That's where I'm from! :D
Welcome :wave: Your baby is precious and I know you are anxious to get her.
Thanks for such a warm welcome -- I'm more than anxious to get her.

As far as where I got her, she's coming from Kings Kove Kennels in Yale, Michigan. I re-designed the breeder's website in exchange for the puppy, since I am a web designer -- she would have cost me $750 otherwise. But I still paid for the plane ticket to go pick her up :) You can see the breeder's site at -- she has one chihuahua puppy left, cute and tiny!
:wave: welcome :wave:

your furbaby is darling...
Hello & congratulations Your baby is so adorable :wave:
Oh soooooooo cute :D :D . Can't wait to see more pics when you get him.
Hi and welcome! :wave: She's a real beauty and you must be way beyond excited. Will you call her Liz? Lizzie? Elizabeth? I kinda like (love) Lizzie. :lol:
What a sweetheart !!!!! She is sooooo cute and has the cutest name

I love it !!! :angel13:
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