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Lacy was my Bichon Frise girl that I lost to cancer in July. I will always miss her.

Chantilly Lace “Lacy”

I named her Jan’s Chantilly Lace before I ever saw her face.
A darling puppy, soft and white. I loved her so upon first sight.

With curly coat and big, black eyes and kisses sweet as apple pie.
She snuggled, wiggly, in my arms and I surrendered to her charms.

And so began my love affair with Lacy, Bichon girl so rare.
And from that moment on, you see, it was my Lacy girl and me.

She followed me with bunny hop, sat on my foot when I would stop.
On puppy legs she rushed to see, what, and where, and who, with me.

Full of fun and mischief, too, “Lacy, Lacy, where are you?”
Pulling toilet paper down or chewing on your squeaky clown?

Puppy days rushed by so fast, she was a grown up girl at last.
A beauty both in form and grace, with manner mild and loving ways.

We lived those days to full extent, happy times that came and went.
Romping in the sunshine bright, back to back to sleep at night.

We knew each other oh so well, we didn’t need the words to tell.
She read my mind with lots of ease, a look was all we’d ever need.

A lady was my Lacy girl, a loving heart, a precious pearl.
On her I always could depend, she was my best and dearest friend.

And then one day she wasn’t right, her eyes were not as shining bright.
So off we went to run some tests. The vet said things were not the best.

With fearful heart and anxious mind, I waited, frozen hard in time.
And then the diagnosis came with “carcinoma” in its name.

I’ll not forget that awful day, my heart broke up and fell away.
“I can’t begin to let her go ...” More bitter pain I’ll never know.

We fought The Beast, my girl and I, shoulder to shoulder, side by side.
Together, like we’d always been, although we knew we couldn’t win.

I held her close, I held her tight, I loved her so, with all my might.
And we did get some happy days to share in all the usual ways.

But then one day she looked at me and said as plain as words could be,
“It’s time for me to go away.” She had to go. She couldn’t stay.

I held her in my arms all night and let her go by morning’s light.
She nestled in my arms at last, I cried “I love you,” held her fast.

Then she was gone, so quietly, and angels came and whispered sweet,
“Come, go with us, Chantilly Lace, to God’s forever happy place.”

So she went on to be at peace, to rest where every pain will cease.
To wait for me until the day I’ll travel, too, that final way.

I see her face in all my dreams and in the clouds and sunlight streams.
I feel her loving me somehow and love her more than ever now.

My heart will never heal I know and where she is, I long to go.
It’s not how I loved her, you see, but how Chantilly Lace loved me.


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That is beyond beautiful. I'm sitting here crying. You and Lacy had such a bond. She will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for you.

Run free Lacy.

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Lacy was gorgeous and I'm sure she knows how much you loved and adored her. All dogs should be so lucky. Your poem was beautiful.
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