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Could anyone tell me how long should first menstruation last, KC, is 7months and started this last week, are there any diapers or anything I can use, (getting drops all over my house) till this is over. :)
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Heat cycles for chis usually last 21 days. Yes, you can buy little panties/diapers for them. Hard to find, due to size. And they will be in heat every 6 months for 21 days....are you planning on having a litter of puppies??? If not you might just have her spayed...Heat cycles tend to be messy.... :wave: :wave: :D :D :wink: I have only 1 breeding female and she is confined during her cycle just because of the dripping...she loved to be on the furniture, but not during that time...
I dont know alot about that but I do know they see them on ebay the pup diapers. try there. I thik there called doggy underwear.
When Dior was in heat, we only saw spots if she went #1 on the carpet (which we have since trained her not to do). But she licked herself a lot, and kept clean.
doggy underwear

Yes you can buy doggy underwear, but i find it best if you put a light pad in the underwear 2. thast way it is easier to clean up/
yes if you done plan on breeding it is alot better for her and you to spay her as it stops her getting cancer in older life and also if a bigger dog got to her while she was in heat it would be terrible.

prissydior do you plan on breeding then ? :wave:
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