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Just want to say a merry christmas to all chis/pets/chi lovers
And a very happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope every one gets what they have asked from santa!
I love this time of year but it does upset me thinking there will be some lonely unhappy animals, who are cold and hungry,

I dont understand how people put gods creatures out on the street and/or are unkind to them!!

so i also want to say merry christmas to all the unfortunate ones aswell.

love to you all
Tammy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;)

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Happy Holidays to you too Tammy! :)

I now live right across from the SPCA, which makes it very depressing.
Hubby & I dropped off a bunch of goodies for the poor pups, and are working on getting more.
It's hard seeing so many sad, homeless faces. Such wonderful dogs, literally every one of them. Breaks my heart.
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