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Hi guys Jen send me this and wanted me to post this here for all of you. :)

In late November I started to get sick but early December we knew
something was up. I was put on bed rest by the doctors and was not
even allowed to go online, watch TV etc (thus the "internet issues") -
anything sitting up/standing up etc was off limits (IE:anything
remotely entertaining haha).

I didn't know how long I would be sick or if a few weeks would make it
all go away so instead of worrying anyone online I just had Don (the
husband) reply to a few e-mails here and there for me brushing my
absence off as computer/internet related - hoping that I would be back
without issue before long.

However, things didn't get better. On my way to an appointment, I
fell off our deck on December 23rd, causing all sorts of worry for the
baby and me. By mid January things really started to get bad. I
entered into pre-eclampsia and the pregnancy started to get toxic. I
was admitted to the hospital. I had over 50lbs of extra fluid in my
body, my heart was failing but it was too soon to deliver the baby but
my blood pressure was off the charts 210/120 and they were worried
about me.

I ended up going into a cardiogenic pulmonary edema and my heart
nearly failed on February 19th - so after they stabilized me enough to
take me to an operating room - they did an emergency c-section 10
weeks early. Our son was born weighing 2lbs6oz. Although 10 weeks
premature he is doing great. He is now almost 4lbs and still in the
NeoNatal ICU but getting bigger every day. He has no health issues
thus far so as soon as he is 5lbs he will be able to come home.

We were lucky but it has been a long hard few months. I am still
having some lung issues and may have permanent kidney/heart issues
because of the extreme amount of fluid that was in my system but we
will take it as it comes. I won't be able to be online much the next
few weeks or maybe even months but I will try to get back online.

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Thank the lord for medical happy to see baby is pulling through and putting on weight and I hope the medical issues that have been caused by the pregnancy are short term. Congratulations on your arrival xxx

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Glad she is okay and the baby is doing good as well. Nice to finally know what happened to her;-)
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