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Mia will you please remove

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Mia will you please remove my Chihuahuas from the avatar choice, obviously i still want them as my avavtar but i dont want other people using the picture.
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Can't blame you for that. I'd feel weird if someone else was using Lily's pic.
Yeah that would feel weird if someone was using a pic of Mollly or something. :? BTW Donna your chis are soooooooo cute! :D
Yes, very. That would make me peeved in a way.
I wouldn't want someone using my Chihuahua art on my avvy. A good friend of mine drew it.
what happened with your pic?? who is using it?

kisses nat
Two new people used it and i asked them if they would change it to another picture........ I want it removed from the avatar choices but it seems im being ignored.
Donna I dont think you are been ignored :shock: - I think Mia just hasnt been on since you made the post - it is on their if I remember because you couldnt get it to work when you first joined so she loaded it up for you
Have you PM her :?:
Yes Claire, i have emailed her, pm'd her and left messages on here, i feel a bit like im non existant :( Yes i was grateful for her downloading it for me but dont want it on the choices, im sure you all understand.
well if Mia removes it from the avatar choices for you - I presume that you wont be able to use it as your avatar - would you like me to upload it on my imagecave for you donna and you can use the link from there or you might not have an avatar at all :(
It wasnt on the avatar choices to start with but Mia said she could put it as my avatar for me when i sent her the photo on my attachments, other people have had theirs done too very early on just after i had mine done and theirs are not on the avitar choice so i would have thought if it was taken off then i would still have it on as mine, but i dont know as i presumed Mia did it another way?If when its removed from the choice can it be used as my avitar just from an attachment?
you could save the image on to your computer and then upload it from your pictures :wave:

anyway - see what admin and Mia can do for you :wave:
I already have it saved on my pictures and my attachments from a couple years ago when it was taken,but when and if the avatar is removed would it not stay under my name?
not if the url you are using is the one from mias chi gallery - you would have to upload it on to your chi people account from your pictures - but if you have uploaded your avatar from your pictures already - when Mia removes it from the chi gallery it wont matter :wave:
Right i have just changed it from Mias one to the one from 'my pictures' will that now stay there if the avatar choice one is removed?
yes it should now, now that you are not using the url link :)
Thanks Jonathan, i didnt know about how easy that would have been to do when i first had the picture, just learned over time since i found i had a place for my 'pictures'.Just need Mia to deleat her picture of my girls on avitar choices now.
Im sure she will do it and reply to you as soon as she comes on here :wave: you are not non existent she just hasnt been on here obviously
Is Mia the only one who can do it?
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