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Mia Zofia's SS prezzies!!!

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'Twas the day before Christmas Eve
When there was a knock on the door...
It was the postman, for Zoey
Delivering presents galore!!

As Zoey lay snuggled
All warm in mom's bed.
Mommy helped unwrap presents
"This one jingles!" she said.

Upon opening she discovered
the prettiest thing-
a decorated necklace
With bells that can ring!! =D

"Is dis all fo me?!" Zoey thought
as her gifts were displayed-
And a note for her Mommy
Saying HER gift was still on its way! =O

She got a beautiful sweater,
and as she sat on mom's lap
It was so "roasty toasty ;)"
She settled in for a nap!

"No time for sleeping!"
Said mom, as she sifted through the goodies..
Time to try on more clothes
Like this freakin' sweet hoodie =D

"Dis toy is my size!!"
Zoey gleefully said...
Then promptly layed down with it
and rested her head.

Toy Santa trying on her leash,
His eyes twinkling, & dimples so merry....
Little Zoey wants to shout with joy
THANK YOU Bijoux & Mooberry!!! =D <3

We love everything!!!! I appreciate it all SO much! And it did come on time, too! Even though the zip you had used is not the one for my city; LOL; I was trying to be sneaky with your first gift so I used my parents return address, that's the zip code you wrote. ;) Not that it wasn't obvious being the only person in Illinois in the exchange LOL but I tried at least! =D I was really happy being your SS this year; as well as having you as Zoey's! Thanks again!!! <3
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I'm so glad you liked them and that everything fit :D Your gift arrived Today I will be sending it out post haste I know you will LOVE it :D

ps love the rhyme so cute!
pss I also forgot to tell Mia I forgot to add something to her gifts I'll send it with yours :)
Love all the gifts...great job SS. The hoodie is way to cute.
Great gifts! :)
My three also have the blue sweaters and the skull hoodies, I love them!
nice ss gifts. love the sweater and hoodie :)
awww aweeome pressies! that skull hoodie was one of dexters first hoodies but no longer fits him a while ago so i passed it down to the bfs kitty. its so warm :) looks like someone got a cute haul :) good job ss! really loved the rhymin :lol:
Zoe looks very happy with her pressies!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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