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I love my dogs Mickey & Lily! Mickey is a Chihuahua & Weenie mix and Lily is a Chihuahua & Shih Tzu mix. I think they're both adorable!



What do you guys think? Do you guys have any Chiweenie mixes? What about Chihuahua & Shih Tzu mixes? What mixes do you guys have? And I encourage you to show off your dogs too! I'd love to see your pooches, whether they're mixed or not!

Note: I linked to the last 3 images since they were much too big to post.

Edit: A couple of things I forgot to mention. The baby gate in the last 3 images you see is because we moved to a new house where our landlady wanted the dogs to be kept in the kitchen. Originally, she wasn't going to allow us to have pets in the house, but once we told her we didn't want to give our babies up and all the pet deaths we've had to go through, she decided that we could have only 2 dogs kept in the kitchen. I'd rather let them roam around the house like we used to, though. I occasionally let them out and roam around the house and I let them go outside and play with our neighbor's dogs (Black Lab, Bulldog, & Chihuahua. All very friendly and playful!) and. not to mention, do their business.
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