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Beware of Petlink ResQ microchips. They are made by Bayer and are starting to
show up all over the country. People are reporting problems with their record
keeping, dogs being registered to someone other than the owner who filled out the
registration. But that it not the biggest problem.

They are selling ISO chips here in the US that almost none of the
shelters/rescues/ vets scanners can read, but they aren't telling people about
this issue. That's the same stunt that 24petwatch/Banfield tried a few years ago,
that got them in so much hot water. ISO chips are the standard in Europe and now
Canada, but NOT here in the US. ISO standard not only uses the 15 number code, it
uses a completely different radio frequency than used here in the US. So called
universal scanners that can scan both the US standard and the ISO standard just
aren't available, at least not ones that work. After the big debacle with
24petwatch/Banfield , the company was forced to send out thousands of so called
universal scanners free of charge to shelters/vets/ rescues. We got one. It read
the ISO chips just fine, but was only about 10% reliable on reading American
standard chips. Before we found this out, I had double chipped 2 dogs because
their universal scanner failed to read an Avid chip and a Home Again chip. I
tested the scanner, scanning a chip set on my desk. It read it once in 10 tries.
I still have that scanner. I use it to scan dogs from Canada only. Pretty much
all current American scanners can read all American standard chips, no matter
what brand. The issue of reading differing brands hasn't been a problem in over 5
years. But they can't read ISO chips. All American standard chips, regardless of
brand operate on the same radio frequency. ISO chips are on a different frequency
and so they can't be read by normal scanners here in the US. Selling ISO chips in
US ought to be illegal. And that is just what ResQ/Bayer is doing. Eventually the
US will transition over to the ISO chips, but that has been planned to be a slow
process, allowing the industry to develop reliable, low cost scanners, get them
disseminated to all the groups/agencies that need them, and then slowly
transition over as pets with the American standard chips start to die out. The
reason for this is so that the infrastructure to support the new ISO standard is
firmly in place before the ISO chips are made available, and so that all the
thousands of pets currently chipped with American standard chips will continue to
be safe. Rushing this process is irresponsible and dangerous. If you think your
dog is safer because he has a chip, if that chip is an ISO chip sold by
ResQ/Bayer or 24petwatch/Banfield , you may find out the hard way that you were
sold a useless product. BTW, after the big debacle with 24petwatch/Banfield , they
switched to American standard chips and offered to rechip dogs they'd chipped
with the ISO chips at no charge.They didn't make a big deal about this, you had
to know to ask, in fact you almost had to insist on it, but if you insisted, they
would do it. Now that's what I call customer service! As of now, 24petwatch and
Banfield sell American standard chips here in the US, so ResQ/Bayer is the only
company I know of trying to scam their customers by selling them ISO chips
without explaining what that entails.

I recently got a dog from WA state that was chipped just before it was sent to
me. The vet charged the woman $75 just to chip the dog. Yep you heard me, $75.
Not only that but he shaved a silver dollar sized spot on the dog's shoulders
first (I guess he felt he needed to make the procedure more involved so as to
justify his ridiculous fee). I scanned the dog, no chip. I looked at the
paperwork. It was a ResQ/Bayer chip. I looked at the paperwork and their website
carefully and saw that they VERY carefully danced around the issue of what
standard the chip was. They tried to make it sound as if their chips were
superior to all others, and to bolster this they talked about how much more
likely your dog was to be returned if chipped with their chip. What they
neglected to make clear was they weren't comparing their chip to others, they
were comparing their chip to no chip. This chip has no business being offered for
sale here in the US at this time. None whatsoever.

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Ugh. My vet uses the Home Again chip.

When we picked him up after his neuter, the vet showed us the scanner and then demonstrated it over him. The reader immediately beeped and had a number. He then opened his chart and had his tech read the paperwork and they confirmed that the number on the scanner was the one registered to us. Then I got the rest of the paperwork and his number is in his medical records.

I hope we never need it. But we have it if we do as a permanent way to identify him and that we are his owners.
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