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Milkbone Contest!

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I'm sure you guys who signed ur doggy up to Dogster got this in ur email. This is really cool!! I wanted to try Lex for it, but they have to be at least 1 year old. They just want u to upload a super cute picture, and if they win they get to be on the COVER of the new Milkbone boxes!! I think its so neato. I think they have 4 entry levels, small, medium, large and extra large, not quite sure. Just thought you guys want to know!! That would be awesome if a doggy from here won the small dog level! hehehe :D
Heres the link.
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aww they have to be a year?? Well I have 2 other dogs so i could try them.. i have a chocolate lab and an italian greyhound mix.. but i think it would be great if someone from this site one.. and i wouldn't be suprised if one of them one either!!! They are all so beautiful
Yeah! Cooper is 2 1/2 ... he's busy on the floor right now, looking through his portfolio to find the perfect photo to send in. He always tells me his name should be in lights - he says this is close enough. :D
Shucks...why do they have to discriminate against little ones huhhhhh???

SunnyFLMum said:
Shucks...why do they have to discriminate against little ones huhhhhh???

Seriously!! haha I was sooo excited to put Lex up there. They've gotta have some puppy treats that need a adorable chi on its box! hahaha.
I got the e-mail this morning, and I was so excited. Then found out they have to be at least a year old....bummer.

But there are quite a few folks on here who do have chis over a year old. So come on folks, get those entries in. We want one of our chis from this forum on that box! :D
:banghead: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! THATS NOT FAIR! :cry: i'm with dogster and i didn't get one . maybe b/c he's not a year old
Um I entered I figure if they disqualify her then so be it, I still have Kemo in there :D
I found out awhile ago :oops: I guess I should have shared that with you all (Dont beat me up) :(
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