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Mill Chi Adoption Put on Hold- BIG BIG new rescue found US!!

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I planned on applying for a rescue Chi, sadly however that is a no go right now.
Last week a mini horse broken into the field with my 4 other horses! He is a stallion about the size of a very large collie dog and has been running my full size gelding into the ground! The pony affectionately named "Brownie" wants to be herd stallion of the three mares and is prepared to fight to the death to do it! This presents a huge set of problems and expenses. We have called everyone we know to find the owner, no one has reported him missing. The humane officer hasn't called back. The police in three townships have no reports of a missing mini horse. We spent Sunday stopping at neighbors' houses asking them if they might know who it belongs to. No lucK. Quite a few people suggested he was turned loose on purpose as stallions are a big hassle. He didn't have a halter and his hair was so thick, like he spent the winter outside. IF we didn't keep him we would have to turn him over to animal control and who knows where he would end up as they don't have a place for livestock. So my husband and I decided we can't keep him stalled up forever. So, as we speak my husband is building a corral for the little guy. This is not cheap! The mini horse, if he stays, is going to have to be gelded (neutered)and immunized.
That will be at least $400.00 because I want him to have the best pain killer. After the gelding he can be with the rest of the herd, just not as a stallion. Akk!!! How do I get into these messes!!
Just wanted you all to know.

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Oh, my! Even the best laid plans can get off track. Seems that this pony was your next assignment, so to speak. So glad that you have a heart as good as gold. Brownie will now live the good life thanks to you and your hubby! :p
awww little brownie sounds like a right character - so for the time being instead of rescuing a mini dog your rescuing a mini horse :lol:
ozzysmom said:
awww little brownie sounds like a right character - so for the time being instead of rescuing a mini dog your rescuing a mini horse :lol:
Well put. It is hard to believe he was turned loose on purpose. From what I understand those little guys are QUITE expensive-but, who knows. I continue to be amazed at what some people will do. Best of luck to you and your family with this little one.
Chimom- actually it happens quite often in this neck of the woods. Kids grow up or lose interest. I have been to several horse auctions in Amish country and these guys go for $80 and up. Most people feel sorry for them when they show up in the kill pens (for meat) and the killer buyers don't want them for meat as there is not much on them. So a low bid goes in and for the price of a good pair of shoes you're a mini horse owner. They don't really serve a purpose as you can't ride them. A stallion will break out of a pasture to get to a mare very easily.They are hard to control and after a few times the owner says the heck with it and the horse is free. Sad but very true. There is a large black stallion that is loose right now in the area I live in. He has been loose for the last 2 years. No one can catch him. He keeps to himself, but when he is seen at least three people call me and ask if my black gelding is out! My gelding is a Morgan so looks like a stallion with the crested neck. I live in the country so things are very different out here. Some bad- some good.

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well good for you for helping ths crazy boy out lol! he sounds like quite a guy haha! best of luck with him....
Bless you for helping out this little guy. I know you had your heart set on one particular chi, but sadly, there is an almost endless supply of rescue chi's who need good homes. You will find yours. :)
aaaw poor little brownie ( i like the name :D ) can't you post some pics??

that chihuahua will come one day :wink:

kisses nat
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