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Milo growling

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When we need to go out of town,Milo stays with our neighbor. When we return and the neighbor brings him back and I try to love him he would give me a small growl and have nothing to do with me. This last time when the neighbor brought him home he stayed right at her feet and when I went to pick him up he gave a mean growl like he was going to bite me. That was yesterday and he is still giving little growls when I try to love him. Does anybody have any suggestions.
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How often do you go out of town? Chi's are usually 1 person dogs. If he by chance is spending a lot of time w/ the nieghbor he may be getting used to her. I don't know, that's the only thing I could think of :?:
maybe start greating him w/ treats ..hopefully someone else can give better advice.

He doesn't go to the neighbors very often. They have kids we do not.
I'll just see how it goes.
It usually takes a day or two and he is back to our dog.
Thanks for the suggestion
Im sorry to hear about Milo growling and being estranged to you when you go away, but i had similar to this with my first chi Toby,he had to stay with my Parents when i went to live in Hong Kong for 10 1/2 months along time ago.I had kids at the time and my mum said when they took him for a walk if he saw anyone with a pushchair in the distance he would stop ears pricked up, looking on longingly.When we came home he wouldnt come to us and really sulked, back home i just treated him the same as did before and eventually he came round and back to normal.Sorry havent any suggestions that might help :?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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