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Mindy's so called DOG life

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Hi there,
my name is Mindy .
I am 2 years young but don't feel a day over 1 year and 11 month :wink: .
I am the clown in our family.
I do little things to make my MOM laugh when she feels really down.

My mom has these down times about once a month...hmmmm I wonder why.
She is very leaky at that time too and cries a lot over nothing.
She calls it PMS....I wonder what that means ??? Maybe it means "Pass My Snack" ??? :lol:

Mom loves me very much cause she hugs and kisses me a lot.

There are 2 other Chihuahuas living with me .
Montana is old and not much fun. Jesse does not look like a Chi but I love her she is fun , a little clumsy maybe but fun.

Well, I got to go mom needs me her eyes look shiny.
Mindy to the rescue... :wave:
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I can't believe mom and dad did this to me.
They came the other day with this new thing home .
They said it is another Chi boy. Well, he is kind of cute but I don't think I should show him just yet.
I will just keep on barking at him a little longer.
He is very skinny and mom told me that he needs a lot of good food and love.
Hey mom, the food is mine you understand :x

Mom said I need to share my treats now cause I have gotten a little chubby.... :shock: ...who are YOU calling chubby MOM???
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