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Mini Chi so very ill.

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First, I will write that it has been a few years since I have been on this site, so I apologize that IM starting over. I will say, that after 2 years at the vet and thousand of dollars last time - a simple post here cured my baby chi. She can not have grain. I have to buy diva food, but you know what - you folks knew more than 2 vets did... for 2 whole years she didn't poop one solid turd. Weighed nothing, was skin and bones and very ill. I changed her food to grain free thank you Lord to you folks, and she is a new healthy chi.

I find myself in another tough place before I go run off to the vet. My smallest of Chi's Frances...who is about 2 lbs, white, very fluffy. I came downstairs and found her in her doggie bed on her back, foaming at the mouth EVERYWHERE. I flip out, grab her and she stops. Wasn't choking on anything. Nothing. ALmost like she had a seizure.

This was Saturday afternoon. The past two days she has pooped everywhere. That mucusy green poop. I came downstairs this morning and she had little drops all through her cage. I can't tell if she is eating.

The seizure like thing worries me since she has NEVER had one issue before. Maybe she ate something outside that is making her sick. SHe is just laying around. Any recommendations before I take her off to the vet and they charge me 500.00 for something that could have been treated at home. Not that I wouldn't pay that, but lets just say I have been down these roads so many times with vets...and you Chi people do a better job :)

I know she doesn't feel good. She is just laying around. The others are guarding her. It's amazing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!!!
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No you must take her to the vets ASAP she sounds very ill
I agree, take her to the vet. Also take a pooh sample with you if possible. Let us know what the vet says.

And welcome back. What was your user name before?
Yes, I agree with the others take her to the vet immediately, sounds like she may have an intestinal infection. Take a poo sample with you. she also sounds dehydreated. Please keep us posted.
Rub some karo syrup or nutrical on her gums and then get to the vet! I agree that it sounds like a seizure. If she is only 2 pounds she could be hypoglycemic. The stools sound like an infection. Definitely don't wait around.
The only thing that pops in my mind with the foaming at the mouth is do you have toads in your backyard? If a dog bites or licks one, all the symptoms you mention can happen. But I would certainly take her in, too.
I would get her to the vet ASAP! I can understand that the vet can sometimes waste your time and money, but this sounds serious. I hope she is okay.
Sounds like a seizure to me. Can be from hypoglycemia too. To the vet with her!! Sue
Are there any up dates? Did you take her to the Vet?
Do you have any plants in your yard or around your house that she would have access to? Anything that might be toxic to dogs?

ASPCA | Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants
Toxic plants for dogs, poisonous plants for dogs and pets. Poison Control Info
Any updates? Bella, Lina and I send hugs to you and your fur baby.
I hope your baby is doing better. Update if you can.
hi Everyone

First thank you so much. I can't even tell you how much help you all have been over the years.

I took Franny to the Vet yesterday. She had the seizure on Saturday and then just seemed very low and not herself. I took her in yesterday. They said she was stable and that they thought it was best to do a full blood panel. They said it would come back today but I didn't hear anything. I figured no news, good news. Then around 7pm she had another seizure, and then another one at 9. The 24 hour vet of course said to bring her in, but it's a different doctor, and she was totally fine after running around and eating. As of now, she is resting and seems normal.

The doctor said because of her age, it could be epilepsy. With the test results still not in I don't know what to think. But for her to be completely fine all of these years, and then bam....seizures back to back...and that's what we saw. Nevermind anything that happened while we were at work.

I am going to call them first thing in the morning and probably bring her back in. In the case of the poop - she has been fine. It's the seizures that put me over the edge. They said if she was old they would think brain tumor, but because she is only 6 ( it's her birthday today ) - they said either water on the brain, or lack of? but most likely epilepsy. I don't know, it's terrifying, and I feel so helpless. Poor little baby chi. So small. Thank you all for checking in. Its nice to know other people out there understand :) Thank you all again.Ill keep you posted! Have you heard of anything like this common to the breed?
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I'm so sorry. I know this is all very hard on you seeing your baby ill. I hope they are able to get to the root of the problem and get her stabilized. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.

Happy 6th birthday, angel!
Sounds like she needs a neuro work up to find out why she is having back to back seizures. Sorry---I just went through this with my chi. She's doing better on an increased dose of phenobarbital. Sue
So sorry to hear about your baby.. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. Stay strong.

And happy birthday Franny!
Oh sorry, I am praying for her, and you.
Happy Birthday sweet girl.
Hi Everyone,

Well it's been just over a week since the first seizure. I can't even tell you how many she has had since. Maybe 50? I have been to the vet 3 times now. They think it's epilepsy, but a neuro dr. said it could be lack of fluid on the brain, or infectious diseases. Ok, so before I go and drop 4k on brain scans and so forth, we are trying the medication.

She is not on the PB, she is on a liquid called Keppra. Also for seizures. We are waiting on the infectious diseases tests to come back as they take up to 8 days. Meanwhile, she has been on the medication since Thursday. A week ago my baby was fine. Now literally, if she can not get better...this is NO quality of life. She hasn't moved in 3 days. She is out of it from the medication....which they told me it would take 2-3 weeks to get used to it. AND she would be REALLY bad and out of it. She is still having seizures, but not as much, and they are more "mild" than they were before if thats even imaginable.

She just lays there all day. Her head is constantly twitching...and she is just plain miserable. I have never seen anything like this. Her original bloodwork came back completely normal.

Is this normal? Tell me this is the medication because I am literally holding her crying because I don't know what to do. :( HORRIBLE.

Poor Franny she is so sick :(
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Wish I had the magical words of wisdom you so need to hear. I don't. I do want you to know we are praying for your baby and for you! Keep us posted.
I don't have a Chihuahua has seizure like that often, but I DID have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier having all these fits so many times. In fact I was dreading the night to come along at the time when she went into deep sleep and seizure started (bear in mine Holly wasn't the normal case of epilepsy and she only has fits at night)

The first I also have the bloodwork done, everything came back normal including her liver. She was put on the medication like you, same type of med and she's lifeless tbh. Most of the time she just snored her head off and wake up when she's ready for her dinner and than went back to sleep. It's just horrible and heartbreaking to watch her as there's no life ahead of her especially she's NOT even 1 years of age when first dx.

The medication DO sedate them a lot and it does take at least a week to kick into the body before you see them a bit more active, but still not like normal dogs that have not got that problems.

No idea what to suggest, just want to tell you the medication DOES have that side effect and it's like what your vet told you it takes quite sometimes to let the body adjust.

I understand what you are going through and hang in there.

PS I was advise by my vet to keep a tub of vanilla favour ice cream at home, it helps AFTER the seizures. It's to help to up the sugar level and calm the dog a little after because every seizure is very tiring for the dog itself. I did some google search and people that have epilepsy dogs said the same thing too, so worth to try that.
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