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We are going to keep Minnie, thanks everyone who was interested
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I may be mistaken here but is this the same pup that someone was thinking about selling a few weeks ago but decided to keep? I think it was an adorable little black and white pup?
Just curious, why did you change your name? What made you decide to sell her again? I'd take her in a second if we were already moved. She's beautiful, I'm sure someone would LOVE to have her. Let us know what happens o.k.?

BTW, how is Lucky and Chloe doing?
why are you selling her I thought you had decided to keep her as a pet :(
I thought the same thing too. Why do you not want to keep her this time?
I couldn't log in for some reason, so I changed my name. If we can find a nice home for her, that wold be wonderful. If anyone is interested, let me know.
How come you have changed your mind about keeping her - it is such ashame to take her from her human and especially her chi family :cry:
Darn you are too far away from me! Honestly, you get her here and I will give her a good home!! :wink: (I really would in a heartbeat!!)
Seriously, I hope you find a nice home for her.
Hi :wave:

Can we see a picture

What are you asking or just that she finds a good home

What has she had done so far, shots etc.

What's her weight

There are pics of Minnie in the Pictures forum on page 8. She is such a cutie! I hope someone from this board can get her.
If I remember correctly, you posted a picture of her a while back - she is a beautiful puppy - I hope you find a good home for her. I'd take her in a second if I lived in Canada.
I hope someone is able to take her. I kinda feel sad for her. :( I'd also take her in a sec if I lived close.
She's really cute

We're going to pick up a little girl in a week but if you're having trouble finding a home for her...

We're just in London, ON

What has she had done, shots etc., do you have the vet check

Are you asking anything for her or just that she finds a good home

Let us know[/img]
:D :D Is there a payment plan?? :D Seriously, if i wasn't soooo broke I would take her in a second, after all, She's either Stinky's sister, cousin, or half sis....I hope you find her a wonderful house she's probably destined to brighten someone else's life. GOOD LUCK!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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