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Minx & Brooke wearing new collars

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It's great to be reunited with our little angels after being away for almost 2 weeks, missed them and made beeline for the 3 pet stores on the Oz Gold Coast, Had a mini spending spree & bought little sweaters, tops, another waarm coat each & 3 collars each, and of course some more toys. :angel5: :angel1:
Uh oh, Brooke is having a bad hair day.
Tried to get a pic of Minx but Brooke wouldn't move.
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Aww! They're too cute! I bet they were so excited to see you :) I hope you had an awesome time, can't wait for pics of the other stuff you got them :)
Wow i really like all that bling-bling on your beautiful doggies,yeah like to see all that other stuff too :D :wave: :wave:
They look wonderful in their new collars!! I know how hard it is to be away for two weeks from your babies. I just hate leaving them. :(
whoa! look at the bling on them girls! they got more than i do that's for sure!
Stunning little babies :D
Those are cute I love the last pic :D

Very pretty babies you´ve got there!
And cute collars, too!


diamonds are a girl's best friend :D they look great !!

kisses nat
Awsome collors!!! They look so fetching in them!!!!!
Beautiful collars for beautiful chi babies. :D
Those care just beauitufl pictures!!! Love the collars! :D
Your girls are stunning and I just love those collars!!!! As you know, I adore Brooke because she usually has her ears back (at least in pics) and I am a big sucker for that look. :)

It's good that you don't spoil your babies. :D
I love their new collars. Very pretty---for very pretty Chi's. I know you were so happy to get home to them. Sounds like they made out pretty well on the *loot*. :D

Where did you get those beautiful collars? :D
How cute

The collars ae adorable and have some serious bling bling!
I need to get one of those :)
Re: awww!!

kylee said:
Where did you get those beautiful collars? :D
We bought them from a store on Australia Gold Coast called Post Pets. Here's their website, but they have much more variety of clothing than is shown on their site. We also bought fleece lined red tartan coats for the girls, and they have pockets too! Will post some pics later.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. :angel1:
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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