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Aw sounds like a fun day! Did Target give you any trouble bringing her in?? I got kicked out of one of those with my doggie a few years ago. I don't have that issue anymore though; I did send you a pm, not sure if you received it though?
If you have any thrift stores where you're at like Goodwill or Salvation Army they're also pretty lenient of bringing pups inside. My biggest recommendation for socializing with people is to have her walk on a leash as much as possible. When being carried or in a purse, though very convenient for transport, it can cause some dogs to be overprotective of their "space" and "person" and are less likely to want to interact with others. I used to take Kahlua on a harness to PetCo and basically just let her wander and explore... nobody could resist loving on her so she got a lot of positive training that way lol!
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