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Mo has been pretty well house trained to pee outside. I think he has only had one pee accident. Poop, however has been a different story. He always does his morning poop outside like a good guy, but the afternoon one is almost ALWAYS inside. I put a puppy pad near the door (it has been sitting there almost a month :lol: ) because I noticed he goes near the front door a lot of the he was trying to be a good boy but couldn't hold it. I don't think he can control his poop very well, because I give him plenty of opportunity to go outside to do his business in the afternoon.

I had just taken him out with the other dogs and played around outside for a while with no results, so brought him back in. Did some laundry, came out, and lo and behold he had pooped on the pad. We had a big celebration...he was very happy with himself :lol: .

My other dogs were looking at me like I was nuts :shock: . They always have gone fact I usually know when Mo has pooped because Taz goes outside to hide...she doesn't want to be in anyway associated with that poop! She peers in the window until the scolding is over. Just hope that the big dogs don't think it is OK for them to start going inside :roll:

Sorry for rambling. Just a momentous event for Mo. He must have been looking over my shoulder when I was writing down his list of naughty behavior on the other thread :D
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