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Hi everyone!!!! I'm sorry I didn't post in a while but I've been busy. So here's the first part of all the pics! The 2nd part will be her fashion show and her new toy! Molly and I had such a great time!It was awesome! We felt like we were famous, I mean people were just stopping us on the street! As soon as we got out of the car these 2 girls stopped and asked if they could take a pic of Molly! And then we were able to go into Nordstrom with her! And Molly made a lot of different friends and now it seems like she's not that weary of stangers! After dinner we walked around and stuff and then the next day we saw a movie!!!! It was sooo funny, out of no where she just started growling!!! :lol: Ok, I'll stop talking and show you the pics! BTW, I'm sorry that 3 of them are kinda big :x !

Molly on the move in her new harness dress!

I like how this pic shows her shadow and the shadow of the camera.

Here's a nice pic of her harnessdress!

Molly enjoying a nice bellyrub!

Pretty Molly!

In the elevator on our way to the resturant!

When we got there we ate outside and she got a complimentery bowl of water and plate of steak tar-tar!!!

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! :D

"Is there any more, mommy?" She finished the steak in about 5 seconds!

She likes to eat bread!

Smile! :D

Molly was trying to eat my food!!!

She's my baby!

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chiscrochetcrazy said:
Happy Birthday Molly how pretty she looks in her dress. They're are no pet friendly restraunts around here :cry:
Happy Birthday Molly!! I'm glad she had such a great time on her birthday. :D

Chiscrochetcrazy (that's hard to spell!), I've taken Cooper to a bunch of restaurants in Kemah that have outdoor seating, as well as a few places in Seabrook and the surrounding area.

You can also look up pet-friendly restaurants (most listed are in Houston) on several different websites, including and Most coffee shops I've been to don't mind dogs on the patio, either. :D

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Well I'm learning something And I need to just sign my posts Alisha :)

I was just under the impression that even outside they weren't allowed it's kinda hot to sit outside right now but I'm going to check into it allthough my favorite sushi place in Kemah doesn't have any outside seating :(

On an up note we stay at Holiday Inn & Amerisuites and they allow dogs :)
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