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mom and dad come to visit

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Dad really needed a bath so amanda gave him one

mom didn't want to take a bath so she tried to hide behind the curtain

mom got a bath too

Gadget got one too after mom and dad got theirs...
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:lol: I love his mom hiding, that is so cute!
Kari said:
:lol: I love his mom hiding, that is so cute!
I agree! That is adorable! :)
hehe i guess she doesn't like bathing :D

kisses nat
great pics! love the hiding behind the curtain pic lol!
Cooper wants to know if he can come over and take a bath too!! He'll even bring his own yummy smelling shampoo with him!
At first I wondered why Amanda was bathing her grandfather. :shock:

:D :D :D
Cooper the more the merrier... hehehehhehe come on over....

Mom was the bestone out of all three to get her bath.... she just stood there and let amanda bathe her.....

Dad was better then Gadget but not as good as mom..

Adn for Gadget... I had to give him his bath because he is a little stinker when it comes to bath time...
Great pic' the one of mom hiding ! No wonder Gadget is so darn cute...his parents are adorable !
Rachael I just noticed your post.... we must have been posting at the same time...

that is too funny
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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