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Mommy, it's cold outside

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Last night it rained and today is rather chilly. I noticed Billy, who has really no fur to speak of, and Pepper shivering. So, I broke out their winter shirts and jackets.

Miss Twiggy playing with Marmalade

Showing how tough she is, telling off Delilah

looking pretty forthe camera

Tico Puff

Showing off his sweater


Billy was too cold to pose

So he hopped into a bed

And got all covered up

Smoke, whatcha doing, mom?

nom nom nom

Smoke and Delilah
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OMG look at Billy!! bless his little heart.. ha ha
& that's a pretty handsome sweater Tico Puff! :D
Lexxi, so prim and proper

And in her t shirt

Delilah looking demonic

And looking so cute

Reggie and Isis sharing a bed


Beautiful Marmalade


Hmmm, that food looks good

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They are soooo cute! Glad they are staying warm & toasty in those sweaters! hehe!
They are all so adorable!

The weather has been the same here, and I've got the sweaters and shirts out. Diesel has finally decided to leave his on, so it must be cool and damp!
Thank you for the comments. I so love my dogs. I didn't get any of Gonzo in his as he was burried under the covers in his jacket on my brother's bed. lol
They are all so cute Pam!!! Looks like they are all the sweetest babies!!! They are all blessed to have you. : )
They are adorable and look fab in their sweaters :D
I just love all of your dogs....great pictures as always. The shirts and sweaters are way to cute.
Adorable pics! They are all so sweet. I love their cozy sweaters. :)
They alll look so sweet in their cozy sweaters! What a beautiful group you have!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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