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more nappin

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his most cuddly spot to be on his window shelf with his teddy

Gadget was so tired he had to sleep on his step to the bed before he could finish his way to the bed...
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He is such a precious little guy! :love4:
Awwww, he just makes ya wanna grab him and luv on him! :D
What cute pics again! Little Gadget has so much appeal. He's just the cutest! :lol:
so silly... but he must have had a big day to be sleeping that much. That or he's been paying attention to Cooper and his all-day sleep-a-thons! :lol:
Yeah Gadget sleeps more than any one in the house... he's a lazy butt... specially on the weekends with dad.....
AHHH Those are such sweet pics I love sleeping babies :D :D :D
Auggies mom, I love sleeping babies too....

I have so many sleeping baby pictures of my three kids and Gadget
Awake or asleep, Gadget's one of the cutest boys around! :wave:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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