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shotzey and uncle lucky my MIL's dog

lulu with aunt ginger, my moms dog

when they met lulu

puppy love


shotzey as a puppy

polly hiding in daddy's shirt!

shotzey my boy (he's our "first born" so he gets mommy extra bit of love but shh the girls don't know)

i really want a chihuahua and a female, and my best friend really wanted a yorkie female. then we saw an ad for chihuahua yorkie mixes we went and looked and they just had two boys left and we instantly fell in love and now we have Shotzey&Levi our hubby's got them for us as a birthday present since it was 2 weeks after her bday and 2 weeks before mine!

this is him and levi hes the one on bottom!

and polly and her first litter of puppies! my little darlings
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