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More Pet info - Hurricane Katrina

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I found this article today in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution. I thought y'all would enjoy it. Well, enjoy isn't the right word, but I know we've all been keeping up with the animal rescues going on over there.

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The article made me smile and cry. Thanks for posting the link.

oh my gosh I saw a man & a woman being evacuated yesterday maybe & they had what looked like a cocker spaniel on a leash the closer they got to the helicopter the more the dog refused to cooperate first it put it's paws out refusing to walk and then eventually the dog was on it's side being pulled along :lol: I actually had to laugh because Bella does that when we go to the mailbox.It was good to see someone leaving with their dog :)
iv been watching it on tv and there was a programme on tonight about it and this lady and her husband had lost there house it had all been torn down but they kept hold of there lil golden retriver pup and was back looking at the remains of where they used to live its terrible
How very sad.
I saw the article about trying to reunite Snowball and the little boy earlier this afternoon. I pray they are able to reunite them. This little boy has already been through so much, and then to have his beloved pet pulled from his arms is just too much. :cry:
Thats so sad i actually saw in the news a poor boxer standing on a tree with a look where are my masters.I would not leave anywhere without my chis especially with something like that happening.
:wave: It breaks my heart every time they show abandoned pets as a result of Katrina. What a horrible death. They are a living breathing being just like us, they don't deserve to be treated like animals. If there was a storm headed my way, the first thing I would do is I would grab my pet taxi and put my Chi's in there with their bag of food and a jug of water and go. I could care less if I had any other clothes or material possessions aside from my purse, that's where whatever I need is anyway. When I took on the responsibility of being a Chi owner, it was until death due us part, period, no exceptions.
If I waould have been a person on that bus i would have stood up and punched that cop..... After all what harm would it have been to let that poor little boy keep his dog...
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