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Mouse is Better.

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Mouse has now made a full recovery from Parvo. It has taken a good 3 weeks with many ups and downs but today he has been given the all clear. He is making up for lost time with the food and has put on 5 ozs in the last week! We are going to get another pup sometime this year, this time from a reputable breeder. Does anyonw know if this will be ok or will we still be harbouring Parvo germs, the vet says its not a problem but I'm not so sure.
Anne and Mouse
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Yay Mouse!!! :cheers: We've had a couple of real success stories with parvo lately in this forum. I'm so happy yours is one of them. :)
It is advisable to wait for 6 months to a year and I would wait the year before introducing a new pup, Im so happy mouse is better :wave:
I'm so happy Mouse has recovered! He is such a cute little thing and it is so nice to hear some good news! Yay for you and Mouse! :D
High Five to Mouse from Mr Big :D

That is fabulous news :)
Thamkyou for replying we will wait 6 months at least and enjoy Mouse, (unless we see the absolutly perfect puppy before then!!) If we do get a pup it will have to have had all its vaccinations so will probably wait.
Love anne & Mouse
awwww yay go mouse soooo glad mouse is all recovered she must have had the same will power as paris as they have both recovered great from being sick awwww yay
~Congrats to the both of you and I'm so glad he's okay^^ Way to go Moosey!! Lol, good uck and best wishes with Moose and your next pup!! :wave: :D
i knew he was a survivor ;) never give up hope and prayers.

all the articles i read say to wait at least a year. and clean clean clean.
:blob: :blob4: :hello1: :headbang: :hello2: :cheers:
Thats just wonderful news!!!! I am so proud of mouse being such a little fighter :)
Great news!! Glad Mouse is doing so well. :D

I'd wait a year to get another Chi.
YAY MOUSE!!!!! :cheers: :cheers: i'm so happy mouse fought the parvo and recovered...thats such great news!!!
Anne said:
Does anyonw know if this will be ok or will we still be harbouring Parvo germs
I know you can get some good disinfectants that will really help ,
Maybe ask your vet or a good pet shop :)
bleach is the best. also roccal is a good disinfectant. but all articles say bleach.
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