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jec582 said:
My chi is 3 1/2 months old. Since I brought her home at 6 weeks she has lived with 2 other small dogs which she absolutely LOVES to play with. Now I am moving and she will still see them but not everyday. She will now be living with another chi who she also really likes but I am worried that she is going to get sad or depressed about not being with the others every day. Am I being silly? Do they really have feelings like that? I just feel bad that she is going to be very confused. She always seems okay at the new house but we haven't actually moved in yet so we are only there moving stuff in during the day and then we come back to the other house. Please help and tell me if I am worrying over nothing. Thank you.
You're not being silly at all. And yes, we think they do have feelings. That's why we're all so nuts about them. :lol:

I think it's great that she's been to the new house so it won't feel strange to her when you finally move in.

I think she'll be fine. She'll still see her old pals and that will be great for her. Plus, having another chi to live with will be awesome for them both. I think things will work out just fine. :)
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