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NO, I'm not moving....atleast until I graduate in June of '06 :D

BUT, my aunt Rose, uncle Adolfo,and their dog Chewie are moving to Pendleton, Oregon.

It's gonna be hard and sad cause they're the ones that keep everyone in our family that lives in California together. Everyone depends on them...even though my grandma is still alive she's too old for anyone to depend on her help.

Here in California, for the past 6 years they've been apartment managers here where we live and they loved the owner, he was a nice man. but a few months back, he sold all his california property and moved to Arizona and sold the complex to some other guy. and this guy SUCKS!! he only pays my aunt & uncle $500/mo when they were getting paid $2,000/mo from the previous owner.

So anyways, there is married couple that found out about my aunt and uncle...can't remember how and they offered them a job in Pendleton. They said they'd pay them over $3,000/mo...and they have insurance, and they're gonna have golf carts to be driving around cause the complex is big!! And the lady owner said they could take their bugly dog, Chewie, with them but that NO tenants are allowed to have pets.

ANOTHER good thing is that there is casino about 11 miles away....and we LOVE casinos!! I'm addicted, my mom is, my dad is, they (my aunt and uncle) are, and my brother joe is! :lol: This is GREAT because the nearest casino here for us is like 30 miles away...and this casino is ALOT closer.

Anywho, I cant' wait til I move. I DESPISE the town that I live in....NO good job opportunities....the only way you are able to make money here is if you own a good company OR your family has already HAD money :roll:
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