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Mr. Peepers was choking....

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Earlier today I just got done putting my boys' bowls down and heard Mr. Peepers making the wierdest noise. Horrible weezing noise. I went up to him and watched him and seen that he was still breathing but it was very hard.

I didn't know what to do. I thought if I try and take him to the vet, he could be passed out before I even got there. And since he could still breath (very labored though) I decided to try and help him get it out. I didn't want him to freak out so I sat on the kitchen floor and called him. He came up to me and sat on my lap. I rubbed under the chin on his throat hoping it would help him to swallow it. He would get this huge coughs, like he was trying to dislodge it. So I just kept holding him and petting him, trying to keep him and myself calm. Eventually he let out a huge cough and out flew the food.

I was so dang scared. This was happening for over a few minutes and I just kept thinking that my boy was going to choke to death right in front of me. He was breathing but it was so bad that his whole neck would suck in from him struggling to get air.

So scary but at least he is o.k. now. :)
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KB mamma said:
chi mom no its different than humans you have to lay them on their side and press on their rib cage in short thrusts.....I am probably not saying it right....I heard there are classes you can take to learn all that first aid stuff for your dog. I saw it on TV..........I gotta look for it.
:shock: Wow, i'm not sure if I could do that...I think I'll be afraid to press too hard.

:) We're all glad Mr. is ok..and hope you're too Kari. That must have been really scary.
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