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Mr Snuggles Diary

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Well only had him for 2days now but i can tell you he has settled in pretty quickly actully.
He is a chixyorkshire terrier.
I did want a full chi but its sooo hard to get one over here in the uk and people wants some amzing amounts of money for them its crazy.
I love him heaps hes sooo lovley hes 6months old
he is a bit bigger than a full chi but smaller than a full yorkie.
He Has the face ears well head of a chi and a small body like a yorkie and this lovley waggly tail like achi plus his feet and legs are like a chi too...
hes black and tan and so soft and cute and loves to give licks and kisses.
Already spoiling him got him a new sweater and new bed and bowls today.
Hes my new shadow my little baby man....
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Awwww is your little boy ok? What was wrong w/ him? :(
I hope he feels better soon. I know I feel so bad for my little boys when they are sick.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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