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Mr Snuggles Diary

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Well only had him for 2days now but i can tell you he has settled in pretty quickly actully.
He is a chixyorkshire terrier.
I did want a full chi but its sooo hard to get one over here in the uk and people wants some amzing amounts of money for them its crazy.
I love him heaps hes sooo lovley hes 6months old
he is a bit bigger than a full chi but smaller than a full yorkie.
He Has the face ears well head of a chi and a small body like a yorkie and this lovley waggly tail like achi plus his feet and legs are like a chi too...
hes black and tan and so soft and cute and loves to give licks and kisses.
Already spoiling him got him a new sweater and new bed and bowls today.
Hes my new shadow my little baby man....
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another crazy day today i got given a damn flea treatment and hated every last minute of it ack only 4 more wks till the next one....
have a few accidents to day wee weed in the kitchen on the floor and in the hall another stain added to mummys hall carpet.. lol daddy told her not to get a light colour carpet in the first place tutu.
Got a new treat today very yummy gravy bones.....
having my teeth cleanned tonite too i dont think ill like it though but my mummy says my teeth are yuk and my breath smells....
well must go now becouse im sooo tired xxx MR SNUGGLES :D
had a great day today ...
went to see all the family first i went to my mummys dads house and ran around there for a while then i went to mummys nan an grandads place for sunday dinner it was great i was sooo fussed over playing in the back garden and getting lots of treats.. i even got fitted for a new halloween jumper today too i also had a jumper on that was a tester but it was kinda too big but no worries ill get anew one made very soon i cant wait, im also getting a bumble bee style jumper too !!!
I loved playing today i was in the garden at home at nans and at dads it was great but now im pooped so im off to sleep im soo tried nite :angel10:
had a good day today love my mummy being with me in the peace and a new halloween jumper today..i look very smart in it if i do say so myself... ive learnt how to yap at the postman now which is fun for me...and everytime someone knocks at the door i love to yap at them.. i have been chasing my friends milo and princess around the house today there the two black cats we have... they smeak up on me so i growl at them... i nearly had a bath with my mummy today becouse i tried to climb up when she was init hehe but im too small awww shame would have been some fun hehe ... anyway im pooed nite everyone xxx
well not worte here in a while and what events ive had... i got new clothing i got a new bed and new toys its been one big birthday this month i cant wait to get more at xmas... im still having problems though but im very good all together its just when my mom and daddy go to bed at night and have to put the cat litter out for milo and princess well when they have a number to i like to get it out of the litter and play with it and eat it too. i makes such a smell and a mess when they wake up in the morning , i get shouted at but then i still do it again the next nite !!! i cant help it i dont know why i do it i love the stuff !!! i do alot of kissing up after though and all day i follow mummy around and try to give her lots of kisses but she says no becouse my breath STINKS ! today we went out to a friends house becouse mummy had to pick her freind shitzu up and mind her for the day ... i DONT like her at all i think this is my house NO DOGS ALLOWED. so my mummy went upset becouse she wants another doggy but i dont seem to get on with them. but we will have to see as time goes on what im like im very unpredictable though. Markcuss my friend mummys son is sick he had to go to hospital on monday night. i tried to help by giving him my dog teddy but he didnt want it.
I had my teeth cleaned the other day I HATE IT i was jumping about and trying to get away becouse i dont want people messing in my mouth... but mummy said it will be for the best to clean them as my breath smells and if i dont i cant have any trets becouse they rot your teeth :roll:
anyway off now xxxxMR S xxxx :wave:
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he has a really bad virual infection and he had a really bad astma attack too becouse he couldnt breath and was coughing a lot he paniced lol so did i.. he getting better im meant to letting him go bk to skool tomorrow but im still worried becouse his temp is still getting very very hot at times so i am in two minds weather to leave him till next monday or tomorrow ?? proberly till monday anyway thanks for asking though :eek:
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