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Hi all!

Winnie has managed to make her way into mummy and daddies bed at night time after just 4 days :rolleyes:

And it seems sleeping at a 45 degree angle is comfiest :)

And everything else is going well! 90% of peepees are on the puppy mat :) We have moved onto Eden 100% and she LOVES it! :D And she had her first chicken wing tip which she also loved :). Pooing on the mat doesn't seem to be going great, she likes going in little hideaways. But I'm hoping once she gets her jags she'll be able to go outside a bit better :)

Here's a few snaps that I have taken over the last few days..


Teenie weenie paws!

Chewing the puppy Kong


Video of Winnie discovering the hairbrush :p


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Alex, I'm so in love, she's just irresistible, what a sweet looking little girl. :love2:
You are giving me major puppy fever!!! Enjoy her puppy days, they grow up so fast!
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